Get rid of headaches using a banana peel on your forehead. it’s Unbelievable!


One reader sent in a miraculous cure for migraines and headaches. All people should do in order to get relief from a headache is to peel a banana and then tape half of the banana peel on their forehead with adhesive and the rest of the peel to the back of the head. According to the reader, the headache disappears just after 20 minutes.

The reader explains that this column saved her life because the exact day she read this column, she had a killer migraine, and luckily, she also had a banana in the fridge. After she did as suggested, her migraine was gone after just half an hour.

I phoned my husband, a chemistry teacher, and told him about my miraculous cure. He said, “That was no miracle. You apparently had a potassium deficiency in your system, and the banana filled it.”
“When I read the column, I couldn’t run fast enough to get a banana to find out how well the peel would conduct an electrical signal. Just as I thought, banana peels are excellent conductors.

According to Darrell J. Stoddard, this method with banana peel actually heals the root cause of many headaches because it reconnects the broken circuits that you can prove for yourself are the cause of pain. the next time you have a headache, consider this method instead of just masking the pain with conventional medications that cause side-effects.

Warning: If the headaches are followed by temperature, weakness, stiff neck or change in sensation on one side of the body, vomiting, change in behavior and in vision, the person should definitely seek medical care immediately.

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